Hey Hey, we’re THE HAGGERTYS!

Who are THE HAGGERTYS? What are they like? Are they house trained? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions and more!

“The Band Dudes”

  • Patrick Freden – Guitar/Vocals
  • Brad Thurston – Bass/B-Vocals
  • Austin “Boomer” Tackett – Drums/B-Vocals
Patrick Freden

Patrick Freden

Guitar / Vocals

  • So-called “Band Leader” Ha!
  • Is hard of hearing
  • 50/50 Right Brain vs Left Brain
  • Knows Karate, Judo, and 3 other Japanese words
  • Oxford Comma user
  • “HECK YEAH!”
Brad Thurston

Brad Thurston

Bass / B-Vocals

  • Tinkerer and figure-outerer
  • Prefers Ol School Vans
  • Whiskey and/or Beer
  • a.k.a. B-Rad, Bradley, Mr. Thurston
  • “NOPE”
Austin "Boomer" Tackett

Austin "Boomer" Tackett

Drums / B-Vocals

  • Counts us in and keeps the time
  • Apache Punch alum
  • Padawan in the band
  • Whiskey flights
  • Is mad at Brad and Pat for eating his BBQ
  • “NICE!”

In the beginning…

Dan HaggertyIt all started back in October 2013. Patrick was tired of playing solo acoustic shows as “Patrick James” and decided it was time to put a band together focusing on 90’s Alternative Rock. With a bass player and drummer ready to RAWK the band started rehearsing. During one of these so-called “rehearsals”, the idea of what to call the band surfaced.

At the time it was “No-Shave November” so all the dudes had big beards. This became the inspiration for the name. Of course many ideas where thrown into the fray but the one that really stuck was “The Dan Haggertys”. Why that name you ask? Well, if you’re old enough to remember (if not Google it) a show from the 80’s called “Grizzly Adams” you might recognize that name. The actor who played Grizzly Adams was named Dan Haggerty* and he had the best looking beard known to man (according to Patrick).

So, with Dan as inspiration, the band decided on rollin with that as their name. Of course reality, common sense, and the possibility of a “Cease and Desist” letter set in and the band decided to drop “Dan” and just use “The Haggertys”. (good call guys)

On March 22, 2014, The Haggertys played their first show in Tyler at Shoguns #2 under the black tent.

Over the years the line-up has changed several times with the current crew being a solid, fun, good bunch of dudes (v4.0).

The band is still RAWK’n in 2024 with several shows on the books and celebrated 10yrs with over 100+ shows under their belt.

*Visit the Dan Haggerty Wikipedia page

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The Haggertys

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